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It is a common norm to equate high salary and aviation jobs to being a pilot. In reality, pilots are not the only ones who make a lot of money being in the aviation sector and you can rise up the ranks from any position to earn a comparable salary. The right airline and travel management training Gurgaon will make you eligible for the top jobs in the top firms and you do not have to be a pilot to draw a monthly salary of 50k. This post will tell you where and how to generate a decent income without ever having to fly a plane.

Become an Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Control is one of the most stressful jobs in the aviation industry and also brings along a lot of responsibilities. The profile requires you to handle the timings of multiple aircrafts, monitor the air route they take and continuously collaborate with the onboard pilot to make instant decisions. There is high demand in this sector and the lack of skilled professionals shoots up the salary number. You will earn a decent six figure in small and domestic airports which will rise to hefty amounts once you move to international ones. The bigger the airport, the more responsibility you will have and the better will be your prospects.

Another advantage of being in air traffic control is that the job profile is not dependent on demographics. Your skills will be valuable in international airports as well and you can apply with almost all airlines. There is high demand all over the globe and the right person does rise up the hierarchy pretty fast. A degree from a top institute like Doyens Fly and a few years of experience and you are all set.

Or rise to the director level of Aerospace Program Management

As more and more countries have started investing in aerospace, new job fields have opened up in the aviation sector. Private firms like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are working to commercialise space travel and there is no doubt a new boom in the industry. After graduating, you may consider joining an aerospace program and rise up the hierarchy to become a director. Even at a management level, you will draw salaries that are more than pilots as technology opens up more areas to explore.

The technical skills you will gain from your degree will be enough. The profile is more about management than engineering. Starting from launching satellites to high altitude planes, an aerospace program director is responsible for managing all. You will the firm’s decision maker and seldom get involved in the technicalities. Hence, your promotion will depend on your managerial skills which are easy to build.

Or aim to become an airport manager

Where you will be responsible for the operation of the entire airport. The point of starting is a top cabin crew management training Gurgaon, from where you will have to join the cabin crew of any airlines. From there, the shift is to ground staff, then team lead, ground staff manager and ultimately to airport manager. Annual salaries reach over well beyond twelve to fifteen lakhs and the main airports of the country pay even more. You will have to oversee everything, starting from guest arrival to a plane leaving.

Since most of the airports in our country are maintained by AAI, your job will be a government one. You will have all the benefits that come along with it. The profile is full of responsibilities but the sum paid makes up for it. At times, it is better than being a pilot due to the added benefits that pilots in private companies hardly get.

Lastly, an air host or air hostess

The second job that comes to mind if you do not want to fly a plane. Air host and air hostess are paid more than a decent salary due to their odd hours and frequent travelling. But the profile is one of the most interesting available in the aviation industry. You may get Air Hostess Training from Doyens Fly and join immediately with an airline. An international firm will pay you more and you will get to travel the world as a part of the job.

You can rise in levels here as well which will hike your salary. With experience, you may become the leader of a team or become an instructor later. The only skill you will ever need is hospitality and growing up the ranks is fairly simple.

And the best part

You can join the aviation industry even after a travel and tourism course. The competitive market is forcing companies to diversify and you can reap the benefits. So, think beyond being a pilot and look into other profiles that can pay you high. There is always a job for the right candidate and do your best to become one.

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