Airport Operations

What is Airline and Airport Management? How to Become an Airport Manager?

Talking in terms of revenue, the aviation industry has doubled its growth in the past one and a half decade and is continuing to show the trend affected by various factors. Air travel is now cheaper and faster than most… Read More

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What kind of Jobs can you get with a Hospitality Management Degree?

What kind of Jobs can you get with a Hospitality Management Degree? An estimate released by World Travel and Tourism Council predicted that by the year 2024, one in four jobs will be related to the hospitality sector and hospitality… Read More

How Valuable is the Hospitality Industry Currently

How Valuable is the Hospitality Industry Currently?

The hospitality industry encapsulates everything starting from hotels to travel to entertainment and lifestyle. As the economies of countries continue to improve, more and more people are starting to invest in leisure activities owing to their improving living standards. To… Read More

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Top 4 Skills you must have to become an Airport Manager

Airport Manager is one of the high paying job profiles in the aviation industry and definitely a prestigious one. As an airport manager, you will be responsible for the operations of the entire airport and it will be your decisions… Read More

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What to look for in a Travel and Tourism Course? How to Choose the Best?

The travel industry has boomed all over the world. With economies continuing to develop which is leading to an increased standard of living, people are investing more into travelling and it has become a sector in itself. Travel agencies are… Read More

Airlines and Travel Management

Diploma in International Airlines and Travel Management by Doyen’s Fly

It is a common norm to equate high salary and aviation jobs to being a pilot. In reality, pilots are not the only ones who make a lot of money being in the aviation sector and you can rise up… Read More

Security and Aviation All you need to Know as Professionals

Security and Aviation: All you need to Know as Professionals

Although security levels are kept at a maximum in the airlines industry, it is often one of the easiest targets to threats. The most dangerous and casualty involving mishaps have come in this industry only and things have not stopped… Read More