How to Become an Air Hostess in India?

The job of being an air hostess is one of the most famed ones in India, mostly among women, but the current popularity of the profile is attracting male candidates as well. The surge in the aviation sector is creating fresh demands for stewards and air hostesses and the right air hostess training will set you on course to land a job with a top brand. Almost anyone can become an air hostess with the right set of skills and get into a job profile that involves travelling with a paycheck. So, if you are wondering about how to become an air hostess, read on for a step by step procedure to securing the famed job.

Step 1: Check the eligibility criterion

Before you jump to the decision of becoming an air hostess, you must check the eligibility criterion that the industry lays out for all the candidates. The basic requirements include:

  • Your educational qualification must be 10+2 or higher. You can become an air hostess even after a master degree but you should not go right after your 10th. A basic graduation is always helpful.
  • In India, you must be fluent in both Hindi and English. Knowing any other regional language is a boon but not a necessity.
  • The minimum height requirement is 157 cm for women and 170 cm for men. Be sure you clear this criterion.
  • You must be fit physically to be able to be on flights. Your eyesight should be 6/9 but this depends on the airlines you are applying for.

If you can fit into all of the above criterions, only then should you consider moving on and following the next few steps. Then again, these are not hard and fast rules and may vary from airlines to airlines.

Step 2: Start preparing to become an air hostess

Once you are eligible to become an air hostess, the next big step is to rise above all the competition and make the cut. Currently, almost all airlines conduct an examination during their recruitment process which tests your analytical and reasoning skills. You must prepare for these to make it to the interview round. The best air hostess course will prepare you for the tests and provide you with materials to practice and then it will all come down to your diligence and hard work.

Apart from preparing for the exam, you must join a training institute to become an eligible candidate even before you step into the interview hall. Unlike a few decades ago, airlines now prefer people who come equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge which helps them to cut down on their training costs. An air hostess must be acquainted with flight rules and laws, security measures, a bit of technical knowledge and many others. A candidate with all these know-hows will get an upper hand and a top training institute like Doyens Fly will prepare you with these. A certificate will work to your advantage and securing the job will become easier.

Step 3: Build your behavioural skills

Soft skills or behavioural skills has become a necessity to secure a job in any sector but it was always one of the top requirements in the aviation industry. How you present yourself to customers and how you behave with them are a few things airlines will look for in you and you must develop your soft skills to bag an air hostess job. You must work on:

  • Your communication skills – how you are portraying a message under any given situation with a customer in any emotional state.
  • Your ability to work and gel in a team – as maintaining the cabin will always be a team effort.
  • Keep your calm under any and all situations – as an air hostess, you will be responsible for passenger safety and guiding them during an emergency.
  • Your capacity to make on-spot decisions should the need arises. This will require you to build your leadership and managerial skills.

Your soft skills will also help you to rise in the hierarchy later in your career. These, combined with your experience, can make you rise to the levels of the head attendant. Naturally, your pay scale will increase accordingly or you can choose to work for better and international airlines.

To summarise

Apart from the medical requirements, every other aspect of becoming an air hostess is up to you. Joining the best institute for an air hostess training Gurgaon will speed up the process and you will pick up all the necessities of taking flight as an air hostess or steward. You will definitely be eligible to apply even without a certificate, but in this world of competition, you will want one. It is always better to go into a job with all the required knowledge which will make your growth faster. So, decide now, select the right institute and begin the process of becoming an air hostess.

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