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What kind of Jobs can you get with a Hospitality Management Degree?

An estimate released by World Travel and Tourism Council predicted that by the year 2024, one in four jobs will be related to the hospitality sector and hospitality management graduates will find it that much easy to find a job. The situation is no different currently as emerging economies are prioritising their tourism industry to boost their revenue which, in turn, is helping the growth of the hospitality sector exponentially. Even companies, that previously kept their focus to their particular niche, are now recruiting hospitality graduates for better customer service and the number of jobs that are currently available is endless. A hospitality management degree is a right step forward to launch your career and take it to new heights.

As a graduate in this sector, you can land all types of jobs in a variety of fields. The current age has also opened up new avenues that allow you to entirely shift from your core knowledge. Here is a list of jobs that you can apply for and easily land and slowly climb the hierarchy with experience. Take note of the options, choose your specialisation and start working in the field of your choice.

  1. Event Organiser/Manager

With a hospitality management degree, you will generally land a job at a supervisory position in an event management company. Your main responsibility will include collaborating with the client, planning and organising the whole event and ensuring a smooth flow of the entire situation. You may get requests for organising weddings, stage shows, corporate meetings, press conferences, parties and so on. Each event will have different demands and as an event manager, it will be your task to meet the requirements. You may also have to recruit employees or oversee multiple such events depending on the position you take up.

  1. Customer Service Manager

You will be the frontline of the brand you work for and will have to manage a team of people dealing with customers. For instance, procuring your degree from one of the best institutes for cabin crew management training Gurgaon will land you a job as a manager of the cabin crew. You will be responsible for overseeing the entire cabin crew of a particular sector and may have to communicate with customers yourself if the situation needs it. Similarly, you can also assume such roles in hospitals, corporate firms, hotels, bars, casinos, cruises and so on. These industries recruit frequently and the prospects of growth are quite intriguing.

  1. Luxury Brand Manager

As the competition is increasing in every sector, luxury brands are now forced to go all out with their marketing and customer service. There are more stores now than ever and these are where the brands recruit hospitality management graduates. You will be required to collaborate with a customer to help him/her to find the right product/service and oversee the functioning of an entire store. Again, as a manager, you will have a team under you to help you to make a sale. You may land a job with a luxury car company or a hotel chain, a fashion brand or the airlines. Every sector looks for hospitality graduates.

  1. Travel agent/Tourism Manager

As a tourism manager associated with a travel company, you will receive calls from customers with requests for making their travel arrangements. Your task will involve planning out the best experience for the customer within their fixed budget, taking care of their reservations and bookings, developing the best itinerary and completing the necessary paperwork. Everything you learn in travel and tourism courses will come in handy here and having a hospitality management degree with this specialisation will help you in your job. Again, you may not have to do all the groundwork but you will serve as the necessary link between your brand and the customers.

Other available jobs:

Apart from these top ones, you can also choose to become a catering manager, an accommodation manager, a retail manager, restaurant manager, human resource officer and much more. Hospitality management graduates can also find jobs in the PR and marketing department of companies or apply for a position in the sales sector. With a degree from the best institutes for airline and travel management training Gurgaon like Doyens Fly, you can apply for government jobs as well and take advantage of the various benefits that come along. Every profile has the core requirement of the best service to customers with varying responsibilities depending on the niche.

And the best advantage of this degree is that the knowledge and portfolio are universal. Your degree won’t restrict you to a particular location and you can take up a job as a hotel manager in almost any country. The growth prospects of the hospitality sector are ever rising and newer profiles will open up with time. So, enroll yourself in the degree of the future where the demand is never-ending.

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