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Professional Course in Global Distribution System


3 Months

Flexi Training Timings


12th Class

Students studying in Class 12th can apply


18 Years and Above

Trains you to work on latest travel platforms

GDS (Global Distribution System) in Galileo, Amadeus and Sabre


DoyensFly Professional Course in Global Distribution System, is an industry centric course for the existing work force of the Travel and Tourism sector. The course imparts training on the latest booking platforms like Galileo, Amadeus and Sabre, to equip candidates on working flawlessly of these world class system, thus enhancing their career graphs to new levels.


The travel and tourism industry has evolved rapidly in the past few years with the advent of new online tools and platforms to provide seamless service to travellers across the world. With the travel and tourism sector growing at a path breaking pace, mastering new skills is the need of the hour.

Candidates trained through DoyensFly Professional Course in Global Distribution System get skilled to operate and work proficiently on these latest platforms, thus getting a quantum leap in their careers and incomes.

Course Curriculum

The Course Curriculum of DoyensFly Professional Course in Global Distribution System, is designed to equip employees of travel and tourism industry with knowledge of working on technology driven world class platforms for air ticket, hotel and car bookings.

This course provides hands on training on Galileo, Amadeus and Sabre platforms, in the following modules:

Galileo Training

Core Modules

Module 1 – Getting Started
Module 2 – Check Availability and Sell Flights
Module 3 – Build a Booking File
Module 4 – Add Passenger Services
Module 5 – Work with Itineraries
Module 6 – Retrieve and Change a Booking File
Module 7 – Price an Itinerary
Module 8 – Display Fares and Rules
Module 9 – Manage Booking Files on a Queue
Module 10 – Open/Passive/Waitlist Segments
Module 11 – Divide/Repeat Booking File
Module 12 – Enhanced Booking File Servicing
Module 13 – Claim PNR (Passenger Name Record)
Module 14 – Online Course/Practical Training On GDS

e-Ticketing Modules

Module 1 – Issue a Ticket
Module 2 – Working with Ticket Modifiers
Module 3 – Working with Tour and Net Remit Modifiers
Module 4 – Build Manual Fare for Ticket Issuance
Module 5 – Working with Electronic Ticket Data
Module 6 – Exchange Ticket
Module 7 – Auto Refund – Calculate Refund Amount
Module 8 – Auto Refund – Complete Refund Mask
Module 9 – Electronic Ticket Revalidation
Module 10 – Exchange Ticket Fare Revalidation
Module 11 – Fare Quote with Specific Fare Basis

Hotels Modules

Module 1 – Reference sell hotels
Module 2 – Direct sell hotels
Module 3 – Modify and cancel hotels
Module 4 – Use maps

Cars Modules

Module 1 – Reference sell cars
Module 2 – Direct sell cars
Module 3 – Modify and cancel cars
Module 4 – Display car vendor index and description

Amadeus Training

Amadeus, one of the world’s most important travel technology platform is a huge system mainly used in Europe by travel professionals for searching, bookings, pricing, ticketing, check-in and other applications.

Working on Amadeus helps in getting better business performance of travel agencies, corporations, airlines, ground handlers, hotels, railways, car rental companies, airports, cruise lines, insurance companies and ferry operators.

Training Modules

Module 1 – Enter the World of Amadeus Selling Platform
Module 2 – Enter the World of Automated Ticketing
Module 3 – Amadeus Negotiated Fares Training
Module 4 – Amadeus Fares
Module 5 – Amadeus Hotels
Module 6 – Amadeus Customer Profiles
Module 7 – Product Presentations and demonstrations
Module 8 – Amadeus Time Saving Shortcuts
Module 9 – Automated Refunds
Module 10 – Electronic Ticketing
Module 11 – Refresher Trainings
Module 12 – Customer Service Excellence
Module 13 – Professional Selling Skills
Module 14 – Body Language
Module 15 – Time Management

Sabre Training

Sabre software, a popular GDS in US and other countries, is a worldwide business to business travel marketplace, used to book airlines, hotels, tour operators, rail carriers, car rental outlets and cruise lines by travel professional.

Training Modules

Module 1 – Bargain Finder fare search
Module 2 – FOX
Module 3 – PNR data change and delete
Module 4 – PNR mandatory fields
Module 5 – PNR optional fields
Module 6 – Building a complete PNR
Module 7 – Car bookings
Module 8 – Changing segment status
Module 9 – Classes of service
Module 10 – Encode/decode cities
Module 11 – Airports and airlines
Module 12 – Fare quote, fares, fare displays
Module 13 – Flight availability, flight service information
Module 14 – Hotel bookings
Module 15 – Introduction to reducing/dividing PNRs
Module 16 – Itinerary pricing
Module 17 – Queues, rules, seat assignments and seat maps
Module 18 – Sign-off, Sign-on
Module 19 – Storing a fare
Module 20 – Ticketing

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