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While the economy of India continues to grow and the GDP shows a substantial rise, one sector is truly benefiting from this development and is on a sharp incline. The standard of living has definitely improved than what it was a decade ago and Indians are more willingly investing in the travel and food industry. This is bringing in a radical growth to the whole hospitality sector as more and more corporations are inclining to invest here. There are more hotels than ever, the food chains are blooming out of proportion and customer service in every sector is becoming a necessity. All these are creating massive demands for hospitality professionals and a hospitality management degree will help you to get a top job in this rapidly rising sector.

The hospitality industry now encapsulates almost everything you can think of. The airlines, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, amusement parks, resorts and so on. With a degree in hand, you can get a job at any level and at any field. Depending on your expertise and core subject, your annual salary will vary accordingly and may very well go up to seven figures in no time. This post will help you to understand the degree better, know about what all you study and give you a brief idea about the future prospects of the entire sector. So, read on to make an informed judgement and know your options with the degree in hand.

What is Hospitality Management?

A degree in hospitality management will teach you the business and management aspects of the hospitality sector. The course will include basic business-oriented subjects like finance, accounting, administration and information systems which will gradually move on to public relations, marketing, human resource management and quantitative analysis. Depending on your major, you will learn more field-oriented subjects which will help you to get a job in that particular avenue of hospitality.

For instance, the best institute for airline and travel management training Gurgaon will teach you subjects specific to the aviation industry like airline laws and security, airport management and much more. Similarly, if you choose hotel management as your major, you will learn about the management styles related to the hotel industry. However, there is the option of acquiring a general hospitality management degree as well that makes you suitable for the entire industry as a whole and you can start working in any avenue of your choice. With experience, your portfolio will grow and make you suitable for a higher managerial position in that particular sector.

The type of jobs on offer with your degree

With the hospitality management degree at hand, you become eligible for a direct entry into the specific field upon which you have completed your degree. To put it into perspective, completing your degree from an institute for cabin crew management training Gurgaon will help you to land a job either as a cabin crew or a manager of the entire team. What job you get depends on the reputation of the institute you are getting it from and centers like Doyens Fly always opens up the top possibilities for you. You land a job at a higher level and the rise to the top is definitely faster.

Similarly, you can get a job in:

  • Conference sectors meant for corporate events
  • Transportation sectors like buses, airlines and railways
  • Travel and tours agencies
  • Hotels, resorts and spas
  • Catering firms
  • Theme parks and concert venues
  • Real estate companies
  • Casinos and clubs

And so on. Event management companies are major recruiters of hospitality professionals right after airlines and your options are endless in the current age.

The future scenario

While industries like the information technology or the power sector are facing imminent job saturation, hospitality is yet to reach that stage. In fact, the demand for professionals is rising by the day and gradual expansion are creating newer job profiles. You can choose to work in marketing or advertisement in the hospitality industry after completing any of the travel and tourism courses without taking up any of the traditional profiles. The difference in demand and availability is also creating intriguing offers where the pay scale is more than any other sector for the same post and this trend is likely to continue in the upcoming years.

Every statistic shows the staggering growth of the hospitality industry. In the next few years, it is destined to become one of the top industries to work in with the highest of returns. Technological development is also easing the process by making travel and bookings simpler and authorities are encouraging people to invest in hospitality more. To sum up, a hospitality management degree from a top institute will help you to take advantage of this growing industry and land a top job here. You will be a manager in a rising sector with innumerable opportunities and confirmed career growth. So, choose wisely enroll yourself for one of the best degrees currently available.

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