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Being a part of the cabin crew is still one of the most sought-after job profiles among all. As an air hostess, you are entitled to roam the world on a salary, the allowances are always intriguing and the growth prospects are comparable to any other popular sector in the market. But as is the case for any job profile, you will be required to possess some qualifications to become an air hostess and join a top airline. The categories include both educational and vocational and this post is a short guide to aspiring candidates like you. So, take note of what all you have to clear and your CV should look like.

Educational Qualifications:

All candidates aspiring to become an air hostess must complete their 10+2 from any stream. This is the basic educational qualification that airlines require now. You may apply right after your 12th standard or go on to complete your graduation degree before joining. Again, bachelor degree holders of all streams are eligible to apply and airlines do not differentiate if you possess the necessary skills. Even master degree holders are welcome at times.

However, candidates coming from majors like hospitality or airport management will naturally have a higher preference. To increase your chances of selection, you can either opt for a certificate course, diploma course or degree course in one of the following fields:

  • Air hostess Management
  • Airlines hospitality
  • Airlines Passenger service
  • Management and Hospitality in Aviation
  • Cabin Crew Training
  • Air Travel Management

And so on. The best air hostess training Gurgaon will equip you with all the necessary skills to take the job on and a degree from such an institute will work in your favour. You can directly join any airlines as a full-time employee and skip their in-house training phase. This will help you to start your career early and rise in the hierarchy faster.

Personal Qualifications:

Since aviation is one of the high-security sectors, you will need to clear a few personal qualifications that are mandatory to join the sector. A few of them include:

  • Eligible for an Indian passport.
  • No history of mental illness.
  • No history of cardiovascular diseases.
  • No criminal record of any sort.

The airline may conduct a background check on you at the time of recruitment. Medical examinations may also be included in the procedure. Apart from these mandates, a few other qualifications will also work in your favour.

  • Fluency in Hindi and English.
  • Knowing multiple local languages.
  • Speaking and reading of a few popular foreign languages.
  • Knowledge of airport rules and security measures.

And much more. You can work on these last few during your air hostess training and build as many added skills as possible. Institutes like Doyens Fly design their coursework to develop your personality to suit the profile and land a job without any hindrance. You will have subjects about everything you need to know and additionals to build all the necessary skills.

Vocational Qualifications:

Along with working on your educational and personal qualifications, it is crucial that you pay equal attention to building your vocational ones. Soft skills are increasingly becoming a deciding factor while recruiting candidates as air hostesses and the responsibilities involved demand the same. You will have to:

  • Interact with passengers and take care of their safety.
  • Make all the necessary announcements on the flight.
  • Periodic coordination among various departments, both onboard and
  • Taking care of emergency situations if the need arises.
  • File paperwork and reports as and when the need arises.

For these, you will have to develop your:

  • Communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Customer service skills under any given situation.
  • Confidence and assertiveness.
  • Critical thinking and reasoning.
  • The ability to work in a team and emerge as a leader.
  • Maintain calmness to quickly tackle and diffuse a situation.
  • People skills to be able to deal with everyone from varying backgrounds.
  • Sales skills to tackle any brand-oriented complaints.
  • Numerical skills in order to handle cash.

And the list goes on. In short, as an air hostess, you may face different situations on a given day which will require you to tap into a different skill. You will be flying across borders and meet different people. No two challenges will be the same for you. Hence, while recruiting, airlines do look into your personality and tests your vocational skills before confirming your offer. Again, these are skills that you will learn while training at one of the top institutes which will come included in your coursework.

So, work for the job

And build all the necessary qualifications. Do your research, check for the air hostess admission fees Gurgaon and join a training institute that will guarantee a fast return. As the tourism sector continues to grow, there are more opportunities now than ever. Step into the aviation industry, become an air hostess and let your career fly.

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